NBC Star Skates

Windfall packaged the TV production of StarSkates in partnership with the D&F Group. Robin Cousins and partner Nicky Slater put together a concept of blending live music with ice skating. “I think what we want to do is make StarSkates a standout brand, we want to try to make StarSkates appointment television,” said Slater.

Robin Cousins’ enthusiasm for adding distinct dimensions to figure skating and performance art is palatable. “The performers on the stage change when they see the visual interpretation of what they’re singing. It gives another emotional value to the performance,” Cousins observed.

The Series features World and Olympic Champions like Kristi Yamaguchi, Elvis Stojko, Victor Petrenko, Caryn Kadavy and others in a variety of musical genres beginning with a Tribute to Barry Manilow, Star Skates Latin, a Motown Revue, Star Skates goes Country and Star Skates on Broadway.

Executive Producer/Director and Production Packager, Ralph J Mole´, states “this is truly one of the most visually creative projects we have pursued. The overall impact is derived from such an artistic presentation of sport and entertainment”.


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