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Windfall Productions is an award winning expert in Olympic and Action Sports, Motorsports, Live and Edited Special Events and Documentaries.

Offering 35 plus years of experience directing all creative, technical and logistical aspects of live and recorded Sports and Entertainment projects for broadcast and online distribution.

A respected innovator in the field of live Sports broadcasting, Windfall has created and implemented “game-changing” multi-camera and recording techniques that have revolutionized the industry. This technical background, combined with exceptional communication, budget management and team-building skills, Windfall an ideal vendor for your broadcast television project.


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Ralph J. Mole’, President and Executive Producer of Windfall Productions, is the most diverse, independent producer/director in the freelance sports marketplace today. His career began in educational TV as producer/director with New York Archdiocesan Television…

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Windfall Productions is an award winning company founded by Ralph J. Mole, to produce, direct and package TV sports and entertainment programming . Cultivating long-term business relationships defines the Windfall brand. • ESPN – 40…

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The Beginning of Windfall

In February of 1980 Windfall Productions was founded as a services producer to the fledgling sports network called “ESPN”. The rest is history. Windfall’s very first independent TV project, Pro-Football Arm Wrestling from Las Vegas, Nevada.

What a Racquet?

As an independent “Rookie TV Producer/Director” Ralph J Mole´ secured a multi-year deal at the creative helm of Lamar Hunt’s World Championships Tennis Network. More than 35 episodes were nationally syndicated from Championships around the world involving legends like Jimmy Connors, Bjorn Borg, Roscoe Tanner, and John Mc Enroe.

My First Big Gig!

Upgraded from Associate Director, Ralph J Mole´s, producing and directing debut occurred with a syndicated series called “The Racers” for Marvin H Sugarman Productions. “What a thrill to work with celebrity host and Indy Car Champion, Johnny Rutherford and TV sportscasting legend, Curt Gowdy.”