Tribute to Carlo Fassi

Carlo Fassi, a prominent coach who guided four figure skaters, including Peggy Fleming and Dorothy Hamill, to Olympic gold medals, died at the 1997 World Championships.

A native of Milan, Italy, Mr. Fassi won a bronze medal at the 1953 world championships and gold medals at the European championships in 1953 and 1954. By 1968, he had produced his first Olympic champion, Ms. Fleming. Eight years later, Ms. Hamill won the 1976 Olympic gold medal. Also in 1976, another student of Mr. Fassi’s, John Curry of Britain, won the men’s Olympic gold medal. Four years later, Mr. Fassi coached Robin Cousins of Britain to another Olympic title.

‘A lot of people know how to cut diamonds, but very few know how to polish them,” Mr. Cousins said. ”Carlo made you feel you were the best diamond you could be, whether you were a novice or Olympic champion. He could make you feel the performance you were about to do with him was the best performance you could do in the world.”

His wife Christa Fassi at the center of this tribute is joined by Olympic and World Figure Skating Champions sharing the memories and personal stories of the coach who touched all of their lives.

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