Ralph J. Mole’, President and Executive Producer of Windfall Productions, is the most diverse, independent producer/director in the freelance sports marketplace today. His career began in educational TV as producer/director with New York Archdiocesan Television.   Mole’, aspiring towards commercial broadcast television, sought opportunities with then independent sports production innovator Marvin Sugarman Productions.

Within a four year tenure at Marvin Sugarman Productions, Mole’ built the foundation for his sports production career. Starting as Operations Producer for Marvin’s successful CBS Sports Spectacular segments, Mole’ planned and executed the production of televised AAU events, in all the Olympic disciplines. The remote productions were global. At Sugarman’s, Mole’ progressed through the ranks from operations to stage manager, associate director and inevitably became producer/director for the syndicated motor sports series, “The Racers”. Those experiences during the Sugarman years influenced Mole’ to later create his own Sports Production services business, Windfall Productions.

After Marvin Sugarman Productions, Mole’ joined Lamar Hunt’s World Championship Tennis TV syndication unit as producer/director. Within a 2 year period Mole’ produced and directed over 60 hours for World Championship Tennis. With Tennis and Auto Racing as an independent sports base, Mole’ launched Windfall Productions in February of 1980. Within 6 months Windfall Productions landed an extensive production packaging affiliation with ESPN.

Mole’s early association with ESPN earned him two Ace awards for production of the WCT Tennis Championships in 1980 and Davis Cup Tennis Finals. Windfall Productions’ long term relationship with ESPN continues to this day. Occasionally breaking away from executive duties at Windfall Productions, ESPN calls upon Mole’ to direct action sports coverage of Summer , Winter and Global X Games . These events showcase Skateboarding, BMX Bikes, Inline Skating, Motorcycle Freestyle, Speed Climbing, Snowboarding and Snowmobile Racing.

Olympic production credentials accompany Mole’s veteran experience in TV sports . Mole’, is a member of three Emmy award winning TV production units. He directed ABC Olympic Volleyball in 1984. He directed NBC Sports Olympic Wrestling 1988 from Seoul and Olympic Volleyball for NBC in 1992 at the Barcelona Games. During the 1996 Atlanta Olympics Mole’ performed the Director duties covering Athletics for the Host broadcaster , AOB. Mole’ created a “ world feed of track events” seen by nearly 2 billion global television viewers. Mole’ has also directed the host broadcast feed of Alpine Downhill and Super-G for ISB at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics.

Windfall Productions has maintained Olympic production credentials by producing several US Olympic Sports Festivals, Junior Olympics and Senior Games , as well as Special Olympics, World University and Nike Masters Games.

Windfall Productions has always focused its production services business towards “client supplied programming”. Windfall has achieved this by developing production relationships with Disson/Furst, SMTI, FCB Telecom, People & Properties, Medalist Sports, World Sports Marketing, Ogilvy & Mather, Lifestyle Marketing Group, and Kaleidoscope Entertainment. During the past four decades Mole’ and Windfall have contracted directly with sport governing bodies like the US Ski Team, USA Track & Field, the Special Olympics, Junior and Senior Olympics, Nike World Masters Games, and World University Games.


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