Corporate TV Production

Whether the debut of a brand new sports experience, the story of a 3 time colon cancer survivor or raising environmental consciousness by eliminating pesticides on our lawns and gardens these are just a few ways Windfall has supported the corporate television community.

Most recently the World Cycling League commissioned  a “sizzle” mission video to be produced by Windfall Productions launching the origination of a brand new track cycling venue.

The Great Healthy Yard Project will encourage you to take the pledge to cultivate our beautiful yards by not using synthetic pesticides, weedkillers, and fertilizers, on their yards and gardens except for localized use on rare occasions to resolve an infestation and protect native plants and wildlife, and also not disposing of pharmaceuticals or chemicals down the drain.

Residential, non-point source pollution is the most widespread water quality problem facing our country. The chemicals that we put on our yards and down our drains end up in our drinking water. They are not removed by routine water treatment and are also in bottled water. These chemicals are damaging the health of our families, causing increases in Autism, ADHD, diabetes and cancer. Stop using these chemicals so they don’t wind up in our drinking water that is the focal point in the video that Windfall created.

Alive and Kickn a non-profit colon cancer charity run by three time survivor David Dubin employed Windfall for a documentary short to describe their mission. The story about Dave’s struggle with Krone’s disease and goal to spread colon cancer awareness received a “Best Documentary” film award at the 2013 Northeast Film Festival.

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