2011 WFP Flycam Demo

The first ever FlyCam on an ESPN Track and Field Championships was
innovated by Windfall Productions and Producer/Director Ralph J Mole´.

Ralph J. Mole ́, Executive Producer Windfall Productions sought out the technical wizardry of Pat Hally and Flycam to cultivate a new TV coverage innovation the sport of Track & Field. Having directed and innovated the use of FlyCam technology with ESPN’s Winter X-Course coverage of skiing and snowboarding, Mole ́ has envisioned a FlyCam placement for Track & Field that could cover the sprints, hurdles and also get a sense of relationship in the longer distance events as well. The results were eye opening.

Larry Rawson, veteran ESPN Track and Field analyst comments, “You can see from the height of the cam, who gets out of the blocks first and with clarity, whose accelerating into the lead in both the sprints and hurdle races.” Rawson continues, “The 400 and 800 meter races also with the flycam convey an additional dimension as to the speed of the athletes during these races that is an improvement over a fixed position camera.” Say no more after a glowing endorsement supported by 30 years in the TV commentary booth.

Here are some clips displaying the usage of “Flycam” by Windfall Productions.

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