The World Cycling League

Recently, David Chauner, contacted me with a project he urgently needed to complete for a brand new “sports governing agency” called the World Cycling League. To paraphrase Dave; “we need a promo video piece that runs under 3 minutes right away, we are starting a new track cycling league with real home teams in America and International cities.

” My answer was a resounding “Yes”. Dave needed a video to present his concept to investors and he was very serious.

David Chauner and I do have some history. I know him from his days as CEO of the U.S. Professional Road Championship in Philadelphia, PA. In fact I produced and directed the very first Philly event back in the mid-80’s, David served as our TV Analyst on the program. It aired on ESPN. With a respect for David’s credentials in the sport of cycling Windfall took on the assignment.

I am pleased to say that the production was more of a collaboration than an assignment. The script was written and revised by Dave personally and he pointed me to some contemporary track cycling footage that was perfect. I dug out some old “Six Day Bike Racing” footage and the production was underway. The final edited piece was applauded by David and his associates the World Cycling League “promo video” a totally new format in team sport was born.

What thrilled crowds in the early 20th century is repackaged for the 21st by the World Cycling League. In 2016 WCL will introduce Teamtrak™ Cycling, an exciting, made for television format that will redefine indoor velodrome racing with venue-identified teams, standardized events, easy to follow scoring, state-of-the-art technology and season long rankings.


Collegiate Track and Field on ESPNU

The beginning of the 2016 ESPN Collegiate Track and Field Indoor Season marks Windfall Productions eigth consecutive season as exclusive Television Production Packager. The events schedule breaks out with four world class track meets; SEC Indoor Championships NCAA Indoor Championships SEC Outdoor Championships NCAA Outdoor Championships All these events will be webcast live on ESPN3 or…
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2013 Northeast Film Festival

A great night for Windfall Productions. We won the Northeast Film Festival Award for Best Documentary "Alive and Kickn" A compelling story of three time colon cancer survivor David Dubin. David Dubin's story is a unique one and his unmatched enthusiasm to promote colon cancer awareness is contagious. As part of his mission Dubin created a club…
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Stars in Danger "The Pilot"

I (Ralph J Mole´) was flattered to get the call requesting that I be the "live director" for Fox's "Stars In Danger premiering Wednesday, Jan. 9 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.: The High Dive" features a cast of reality stars and "Baywatch" veterans. The series features eight celebrities who will compete in a series of…
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