Windfall’s 2017 Test with “Coach Paint” an Overwhelming Success

December 8, 2017 (New York, NY)

Track and Field Analysis takes on a Brighter Future

“Taking a football coach’s digital training tool and adapting it for broadcast TV is truly a challenge”, says Executive Producer, Ralph J Mole’ of  Windfall Productions, “I am always searching for cost efficient ways to improve our Collegiate Track & Field telecasts and about a year ago I discovered Coach Paint by Chyron Hego at NAB in New York City.”

Deep analysis of any TV Sports action begins with specific pre-selected video clips. In Track and Field for example, demonstrating the launch out of the starting blocks, clearing the high hurdles, footsteps and release of a 16 pound shot put or the run up, approach and trajectory of a javelin throw. To the track and field fan these points are perhaps mundane but the average viewer can be captivated through the use of “Chyron Hego Coach Paint” and the viewer’s experience taken to a higher level regarding technical understanding of the sport of Athletics.

Take a look for yourself at the video attached. Analysis provided by Larry Rawson.

“As we enter our 10th season as exclusive TV packager of ESPN’s Collegiate Track & Field” Mole’ states, “I will continue to employ Coach Paint to enhance our nearly 40 Hours of live air and digital broadcasts in 2018”.

Ralph J. Mole´, Executive Producer of Windfall Productions, served as world director of live track during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics for AOB. In 2003, Windfall Productions produced more than 12 hours of ESPN’s coverage of the “World Championships of Athletics” from Paris, France for ABC Sports and ESPN.

Windfall has contributed nearly a decade of production services to United States Track & Field 1999 through 2008, featuring the “Golden Spike Tour and USATF’s network TV broadcasts on ESPN, NBC and CBS.

Over in Europe Mole’ has produced FOR ESPN distinguished track meets like “Weltklasse”, “DN Galan”, “Bislett Games” and “ ISTAF “. These athletics meets previously part of The Golden League and Golden Four, have now been absorbed into the the IAAF’s Diamond League Series.

Domestically, RJ Mole’ can attribute first hand TV production experience with some of America’s legacy Track & Field events such as The Penn Relays, Millrose Games and the Drake Relays.

Future posts will outline the ESPN Collegiate Track & Field schedule for 2018.

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